Nazi Zinc 5 Reichspfennig



Since metals such as Copper and Nickel were valuable commodities during war time, the Nazi Regime resorted to Zinc for small change coins after 1940. These 5 Reichspfennig coins were minted in 7 different mints listed below.

Mint mark Minted in the City of Price

A – Berlin, Capital of Germany $2.95
B – Vienna, Capital of Austria┬á $24.95
D – Munich (Southern) Germany┬á $1.95
E – Dresden (Eastern) Germany $14.95
F – Stuttgart, Rebuilt – Germany $9.95
G – Karlsruhe (On-Rhine) – Germany┬á $14.95
J – Hamburg, (Vibrant Port) Germany $14.95

Full set of Mint Marks $79.95


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