Napoleon had to cajole his brother, Louis into becoming King (which he did in 1806), but as such he made great efforts to have the Netherlands Independent of France. As all diplomatic efforts failed, in 1810 Napoleon attacked his brother’s kingdom forcing him to abdicate, but getting his son (Louis II) to become King, although he only lasted 9 days.

Here is an amazing group of coins from the Netherlands Colony of Java (present day Indonesia) starting with Louis Napoleon’s initials in classical format and dated 1809, followed by another with same letter type dated 1810, the year of Abdication.

This is followed by another type of the same year of 1810 with a new monogramed LN. By the late Summer of 1810, Louis Napoleon had no more association with Java or the Netherlands ( He and his son were out of the picture ), and yet a new coin with his fancied initials appears on a coin dated 1811.

JAVA 1809 with CLASSICAL LETTERS ( LN ) – 9.95

JAVA 1810 with CLASSICAL LETTERS ( LN ) – 14.95

JAVA 1810 with MONOGRAM LETTERS ( LN ) – 19.95

JAVA 1811 with MONOGRAM LETTERS ( LN ) – 24.95

Set of 4 types, as above ( 1809, 2 x 1810 and 1811 ) – 64.95


Z is for the mint-master in Surabaya J.A. Zwekkert

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